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>> 49ers touch down in new orleans! the players along with coach jim harbaugh and his kids are in new orleans tonight. preparing for superbowl 47. just 7 days away! they landed at about 7pm. five o'clock our time. you can see the players. staff
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and famlies deplaning. the entrie crew loaded into the buses heading for san jose airport earlier today you can see video of the event behind me. gabe slate was there at the team's santa clara headquarters where hard core fans lined up to see the team off. (cheers & applause) >> reporter: these fans gathered around this, and entrance. hoping to see the players boat onto the bus but they had other plans that to keep a tight schedule. they only allowed the media and in the shadow of the news stadium, there are police, public- relations and the buses were in this area. they did
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not have time. however, the team did it seem up beat. colin kaepernick had a high end headphones, and a winter cap. they decided that they would drive the five buses beyond the crowd. and that was cool. the fans loved it. hundreds cheered. they did not see between these tinted windows but it did not matter. >> no autographs we wanted to show the love, the championship, we wa to ram them to see them to see them come home with a championship. and they know that we love them. gabe slate. kron 4 >> a's fans got to meet their favorite players today at team heads to arizona. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us many are still energized their team clinched the a-l west championship last season. they're hoping the a's can do it again this year.. >> reporter: ten thousand
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a's packed the oakland coliseum and oracle arena to see their favorite a's players. some stood in line for hours to get an autograph, snap a picture or even ask a question. >> looking forward to get to the area, and have a good time i miss these guys all lot. >> reporter: coco crisp, yoennis cespedes, a-j griffin, josh reddick, ryan cook and eric sogard. were just some of the players on hand to meet and greet fans. they signed baseballs, shirts and posters. some fans got a closeup look at the team's world series trophies from years past. mof the signature, up from a.j. it was amazing. my brother and i came to about ten games together. the moment we are big a's fans and we just got our season tickets.
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>> is a great up gratuity to meet the players, they're always so friendly, the a's, they are the best in the league. it is fun to have interaction with them. >> reporter: an athletic's representative told me this year's fanfest was sold out. in oakland >> scott rates shows about how people need to start paying the meters. >> for the first time on a sunday you are not going to be paid in full you will receive a parking ticket. i asked what people thought and there were mixed reviews. >> it is bad. if it should be free on sunday. >> and because it is not fair. and how the record will lead to it.
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>> you are ok on the sunday? >> yes it is good for san francisco. perhaps maybe it could clean up the city. >> reporter: you do not care? >> i do not care. we are tourists. >> i take public transit anywise so it is not a problem for me. and if you were parking on the street you would have to pay today what would you think about that? >> it is not that bad for a scooter. >> and if you never used to have to pay for it sunday. >> right. i guess the city needs the money. >> reporter: scott rates, kron 4. this freeway sideshow on interstate 880. with cars along the freeway watching others spinning out. as felipe to call reports this could help investigators catch the
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criminals as phillipe djegal reports. >> reporter: a longtime california highway patrol spokesperson says this was even suprising to her. cellphone video uploaded onto youtube. shows spectators stopping their cars on interstate 8- 80 north in oakland. with the oh-dot-co coliseum and oracle areana in the background. recording a sideshow. mostly young men spinning donuts while traiffc sits still. creating a traffic mess for at least two minutes. this is another angle of it. >> "wow. stopping the whole freeway." and, it's not just one car spinning out. there are several. >> "only in oaklnd." the california highway patrol says it received a call about the sideshow at around 3-20 in the afternoon. one officer responded. several others then
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followed on motorcyles and cars. >> "five oh's" but by the time the c-h-p arrived. a spokesperson saysa those involved in the sideshow had already left. investigators are reviewing the videos uploaded online and says several license plates are visible. and, the c-h-p says witnesses are also cooperating. sending in tips and more photos. the c-h-p says participating in a sideshow is considered wreckless driving. a misdemeanor. but with enhancements could mean jailtime. philippe djegal kron four news. >> a house fire in san francisco sends an elderly man to the hospital in critical condition. the flames broke out just after 4-30 this afternoon. at a home on the 800 block of athens street in the excelsior district. the fire department says the blaze started on the lower floor of a two story home. smoke reached the top floor where an elderly was staying all alone. the fire department says he already suffers from breathing problems. and, that he took in a lot of smoke. but he survived -- in
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serious condition. he was rushed to general hospital. >> we train, we trained and retrained for this and that makes it all worthwhile. and it is a risk but we cannot take a risk owithout the reward it paid off. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the fire department says a neighbor called 9-1-1. right now, investigators say its unclear if the home has working smoke detectors. >> the death toll climbs to more than two hundred thirty people after a fire tore through a nightclub in southern brazil early this morning. when the fire started the club was at twice its maximum capacity. cristina mutchler brings us the scene. >> reporter: amid billowing smoke, firefighters work to contain a massive fire at a packed brazilian nightclub in the early morning hours sunday. the regional coordinator of civil defense says the blaze started at about 2 a-m after the acoustic insulation caught fire in the kiss nightclub in the
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southern brazil town of santa maria. there was a pyrotechnics show going on when flames broke out, but authorities said cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> (voice of translator) "i would like to say to the people of our country and to the people of santa maria that in this time of sadness we are together. and we are going to overcome this sadness while still in mourning." >> reporter: officials say more than 200 people were killed, many from apparent smoke inhalation. a state fire official says about 2,000 people were inside the club when the fire broke out. double the maximum capacity of 1,000. this incident calls to mind other deadly nightclub fires in recent years. just five months ago, a fire at a popular club in phuket, thailand killed four. one of the most memorable happened in the united states in february 2003. pyrotechnics used by the heavy metal band, great white, sparked a fire that claimed 100 lives at a nightclub in west warwick, rhode island. >> "we're really sad, and it's a hard feeling." >> reporter: people stateside are also mourning sunday's tragedy.
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>> we just remember them and hope for the best. congregants of a brazilian christian church in marietta, georgia are gathering to pray for >> "we just um, remember them and hope and pray for, you know, the best for the people in that community and the community here." >> reporter: i'm cristina mutchler officials say the fire is though a police inspector tells a brazilian news agency the band was to blame which may have started the fire and that manslaughter charges could be filed. brian? >> 50s through san jose. san francisco, concord. 56 state bit cooler than what we have seen saturday and sunday. in the '50s, it will warm up for tonight. mainly clear skies but notice the extreme portions to the north with this weather system that is
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coming our way. the rainfall on the north coast near eureka. we are going to see this rain break up. there is an outside chance of a sprinkle to the north bay. has recall for tomorrow. there is the mood. almost full and was officially a full moon last night that beautiful moon... this system. and otherwise, sunny skies for tomorrow. we will let you know how hot it is going to get. >> underage teens drinking and driving. coming up, we take a look at the bay area county where plus. the niners in the big superbowl.just how the coach plans to keep them focused. >> and we'll show you the football player bounced from the pro bowl after a
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brawl at a honolulu nightclub. we'll be right back.
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>> while the football world eagarly awaits the super bowl on february third. fans got a little taste of the action today when the n- f-c took on the a-f-c in this years pro-bowl. the 49ers had 9 pro bowl selections. which is just one shy of the most they have ever sent to the game. the 49ers sent ten representatives in 1984. and just like in 1984 those selected to the pro bowl will be replaced by other deserving players because the 49ers are headed to super bowl 47. the players who replaced the 49ers must have been deserving because they helped lead the n-f-c to a commanding 62-to-35 win over the a-f-c. the 49ers just landed in new orleans a few hours ago. but while the team and coach jim harbaugh were still in santa clara preparing for super bowl 47. coach harbaugh fielded questions about keeping his players in line while in new orleans. kron 4's j-r stone explains why the coach should keep a
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tight leash. and brings us harbaughs response. >> yes, we will have a schedule, we will have rules. >> the coach that is what they had to say. and in case you blink. >> yes we will have schedule and we will have roles. if you have thought that they have not gotten in trouble before? think again! writers. for their super bowl from the seventh. he was found after a drinking binge in tijuana, mexico and said home. super bowl, 33 was soliciting prostitution. he lost to the broncos. and the giants was on injured reserve. and he got an extreme the the the why. he was over
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twice the legal limit. of muddy watof 80 d u i and also, brett vafre was seen drinking beer with fans the night before he performed at the super bowl. >> kron news will have continuing live coverage in new orleans throughout the week leading up to the big out kron four dot com. as well as our facebook and twitter feeds. >> in marin county -- underage under 18 years old doubled last year compared to 20-11. that's according to the california highway patrol. in 20-11.10 teens under 18 years old were arrested for driving under the influence. police say that number doubled last year. to 20. however, officers made 10 fewer d-u-i arrests for underage drinkers between 19 to 21 years of age. this past year, officers arrested 40 people between 19 and 20 for driving under the influence. the arrests were primarily made on freeways and un- incorporated county roadways within the c-h-p jurisdiction.
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>> california highway patrol is investigating yesterday's crash involving a stolen s-u-v in the oakland hills. the driver of that stolen s-u-v hit a rock and tree on elysian field drive and ironwood. two people were ejected from the car -- a 19-year-old man is suffering life- threatening injuries. he was one of eight occupants in the vehicle. the chase started in el cerrito took the c-h-p along highways 80 and 5-80 early saturday morning. police say one person has been taken into custody. >> we have clear skies for this evening but increasing clouds, norway. this live view of the bay bridge shows things are looking all right. temperatures in the 40's. the same and oakland. and partly cloudy skies there could be a sprinkle in the north bay. the otherwise, mostly clear and dry weather is going to continue. a very dry total
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for the month of january. that is not going to change as wrap up the month. two-3 in. behind we should be for the month of january. notice, the deficit. with three-one quarter's 1 in. and oakland, 5 in.. here is futurecast. showing their rainfall totals it will slide to the south. and it will stay to the ocean. with clouds and clearing condition as the go for the afternoon. and notice, the clouds are departing the bay area. for the rest of the day, look for mostly sunny skies. it will be breezy and wind could be gusting from 20-30 m.p.h.. a few degrees warmer for tomorrow, right around sunrise temperatures
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will be coolest in the north bay. mid 30's in santa rosa. the san jose forecast will see upper 30's for this evening. oakland will see 60 degrees and napa, san jose. san francisco, 56 what sunny skies. your kron 4 7 day around the bay the dry weather it is going to stick around for the entire week. tuesday, wednesday, look for sunshine and morning clouds. note the warming trend. 60s by wednesday, thursday and even upper 60s nearly 70 degrees. there is some cloudiness on the way but no rainfall. >> battery fires on the 7-8- 7 dreamliner aren't slowing down boeing's production. of it's high tech fleet. the number of planes ordered still in the hundreds! we have the latest.
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>> the f-a-a is stopping boeing from flying its 7-8-7 dreamliners but the company isn't stopping production of the jumbo-jets. a boeing spokesperson confirmed that the company is keeping its current production schedule and planning on doubling it by the end of the year. the company still has to finish an order of 800 dreamliners and a stop in production could be costly. earlier this month the f-a-a grounded all 50 dreamliners after fires broke out in two of the jets. the cause of the fires remains under investigation. >> starting today if you plan on sending any mail out the old fashion way you'll have to shell out an extra penny for postage. first class stamps are going up to 46 cents and postcards will now cost you 33 cents. international mail went up even more and will now cost a dollar and ten cents. that's up from 85 cents to send mail to canada and mexico and a dollar and five cents to other international destinations. the hike in prices comes while the u.s. postal service continues to struggle financially.
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>> coming in op people behaving badly on the side of life. highway... [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> the driver of this weatherford bmw van is about to get a ticket, a ticket that was totally avoidable >> the reason why i stopped is because you jumped on the freeway past those cones i'm out with officer homeister of the marin office of the californa highway patrol wait before we go any
8:27 pm
farther i have a better ideal how to tell this story . let's go back to the beginning of this violation and let's stop the video right here ok here is the van about to enter highway 101 at lucky drive and look up here this sign and this sign reads right lane must exit in fact to insure that drivers exit correctly caltrans installed these white barriers so no one it tempted to crossover because there is an safer entrance on to highway 101 identified by these marking and signs ok bak to the van. let roll the video, what the driver does, is cross over dispite the barrier and the signs this is called failure to obey regulatory signs and
8:28 pm
it's a moving violation but he wasn't the only driver to do this dangerours maneuver this black suv did the same >> go ahead pull right into this cut out >> morning. maam and so did the driver of the silver suv >> i need to see your driver license and insurance this driver asked a question how are you suppost to get on the freeway that wahy there are two black and white signs that say white lane must exit and the put up all thise plastic white comes to keep people from trying to do it and the driver of this prius did the same illegal move and was also clocked at 75 in a 55 zone as the officer tried to catch up the citation is for not obeying the regulatory black and white signs alright sign in the red box for me for the record she did not get a ticket for speeding in marin stanley roberts
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kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at m
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>> 49ers fans arrived early for the chance to send off the. team to atlanta and superbowl 47! we hear from some of the 49ers faithful. next the 49ers are currently on their way to new orleans. after just landing in atlanta earlier today. this is video of the team deplaning behind me. the team is preparing to face the ravens in the super bowl in one week. this morning in santa clara. 49ers fans gave the team a big sendoff kron four's mike pelton caught up with fans who came out to show their support.
8:32 pm
>> are brought out my memorabilia to try to get it signed. >> reporter: they brought football, and other memorabilia. the only player was one while i was here. >> and i know that it is all business. they are on their way to the super bowl. >> they have it running in high gear. >> when i start thinking about the superable. it is a big deal. >> in santa clara, mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> we're now just 7 days away from the super bowl. and while that may sound
8:33 pm
close. there is still a full week ahead of n-f-l festivities in new orleans. if you're not heading to the game, don't worry you'll be able to see all ofron. kron 4's j.r. stone has more on what's to come in the week ahead. >> they are on the cover of sports illustrated. no, they are going to go to the big easy it starts on the sunday. they will leave the practice facility on noon amidst kron 4 cameras. they will arrive and from then on, it will be a circus of the events before the super bowl. as it gets closer to the action. i am going to try to do as many 49ers stories as possible. the media day starts at 8:00 a.m.. there will talk about all of their favorite things. the kron 4 news crew
8:34 pm
will be on the scene, and then a harbaugh. saturday, they will get their chance to see the n f l. and super bowl sunday. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> kron 4 will have continuing live coverage. kron news will have continuing live coverage in new orleans throughout the week leading up to the big game. for more information check out kron four dot com.
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as well as our facebook and check this out! new york's no stranger to the cold. but it's not everyday you get to see a sight like this! a water fountain in new york's bryant park froze over. low temps turned this fountain into a frozen waterfall! temperatures are expected to below 40 degrees through monday. but the national weather service is predicting temperatures could be as high 60 later in the week. >> that was a beautiful scene, from new york. we could see some showers over marin county. look for sunshine for tomorrow. and for the afternoon it will be partly sunny and breezy. with temperatures tend-20
8:36 pm
cooler with a wind speed also of 10-20 m.p.h.. the futurecast 4:07 a.m. there could be some spots in the upper 20s. as we go for the late morning and early afternoon that there will be 50s some areas reaching the 60s as we go to the week >> plus, a major gift from new york mayor michael bloomberg is making headlines he's giving 350-million dollars to his alma mater, johns hopkins university. a hundred million of that is earmarked for financial aid for students in need. bloomberg has given more than a billion dollars to the school since he graduated in the mid-1960s. he is believed to be the
8:37 pm
first person to give one- billion dollars to a single u-s university. >> secretary of state hillary clinton has said she isn't planning to run in the 20-16 presidential election. but that isn't stopping supporters from hoping she does. senator dianne feinstein of california told c-n-n's state of the union. she's firmly in that camp. >> "i'm not concerned with that as i am with what secretary clinton is thinking about 2016. i think she's accomplished an incredible record and really has unbridled popularity, she has a total knowledge of all of the issues. served in the senate. she has been first lady -" >> crowley: you want her to run? would run." >> senator barbara boxer echoed that sentiment during last week's congressional hearings on the benghazi attack. she told clinton she will be missed, but hopefully not for long.
8:38 pm
both democratic and republican lawmakers took to morning talk shows today proclaiming the need for the g-o-p to tackle immigration reform. this comes after the republican party's poor showing among latino voters in the presidential election. former presidential candidate and current arizona senator john mccain had this to say. >> what's changed is honestly is that there is a new, i think, appreciation on both sides of the aisle including maybe more importantly on a comprehensive immigration reform bill. president obama is expected to start a new push on immigration reform on tuesday. obama is calling immigration reform his top legislative priority for his second term. >> police say that an arizona man has been arrested after threatening to blow up the liberty bell in philadelphia yesterday. 41-year-old carlos balsas has been charged with making terroristic threats. bomb threats. and several other offenses. according to police. balsas was making threats as he entered the historic site. later two black backpacks were found but the bomb squad determined there were no explosives in them. the liberty bell serves as an iconic symbol of american independence. we will be right back.
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>> today. january 27th. is designated by the united nations as holocaust remembrance day. a memorial day to honor the six million jews killed in europe by the nazis. but a day to also make sure that genocide on any scale doesn't happen again. sara sidner spoke with a survivor at the yad vashem holocaust memorial in jerusalem. >> reporter: on this day, the world is supposed to rememberto never forget israel's holocaust museum yad vashem is making sure the history of the holocaust is never lost the latest exhibit highlights a few of the71- thousand newly collected items from those who lived itas well as their stories. >> "it was actually on my birthday, the 7th of september, '39 when warsaw was bombed and there were bombs for years. even today i'm afraid of planes because bombs fell and my father was urged to immediately leave warsaw. we
8:42 pm
got into a car with our things and we drove until the petrol ran out" >> reporter: and then ilana landau karniel says, at the age of 6 she, her brother 12 and her parents began to walk their journey was just beginning >> "we got to rovne - that's a border between poland and russia," >> reporter: all she remembers is that they were sent to a labor camp she still has the camp layout her brother sketched for her so she wouldn't get lost. >> "it was very cold in siberia, and we were hungry. she says"i remember it was very cold, and we were swollen with hunger and frozen from the cold." >> reporter: so many details of the journeyhave faded from memory. leaving very few details of how her parents disappeared from their lives (voice foof translator) >> "i
8:43 pm
didn't understand that i was saying goodbye to my mother, i didn't think that was the end when she gave us up, put crosses on us, and left us in a christian orphanage" >> reporter: but some memories, from before the war, will never die. >> "i remember my mother's piano playing". >> reporter: ilana also has precious pieces of her family history that help her rememberher brother's drawing of the siberian camp and a hand written map he gave her detailing their path to safetyfrom siberia to uzbekistan, to india then iranand finally israel: >> "we were welcomed with oranges - they were like gold, they were oranges." >> "often times people have items in their homes but they don't necessarily know the significance of it or perhaps they know it had a very personal significance and then they bring it here it has kind of a collective significance." >> reporter: the map now hangs in the yad vashem museumit turns out the item highlights a piece of holocaust history shared by 900 polish youthwho all ended up in a jewish camp in iran
8:44 pm
known as one of the tehran childrenilana is now 80 every year there are fewer and fewer survivors left to tell their stories. those who donated to this project hope these fragements of their lives will help society remember what happened to them during one of history's darkest chaptersand prevent it from ever happening again. sara sidner, jerusalem. at embassy suites, you get more delicious moreness every morning with a free breakfast made just the way you like it. with a breakfast like this, you could pretty much handle anything.
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gabe slate tech report >> the ipad mini 2 is expected to be introduced to
8:47 pm
the marketplace and the month of march. the price of the one is expensive, however, the second version could be cheaper. the iphone 6 could be available in the month of june with a larger screen. one of the most popular right now is the android. this would complement that. with a fingerprint technic technology and available in different colors besides on a black, white. and also, there's the possibility of apple television in the for the fall season. and it could be integrated with itunes. to purchase television shows, more easily. and people renting television, or people renting movies it would be much easier. i do not know
8:48 pm
if this would be affordable, easy other previous attempts have been complicated. thus, failure. gabe slate tech report >> brien: some mt. tam clouds showing the moon and a high clouds. it is streaming from the north. temperatures in the 40's for the most part. and 49 degrees 48 in pittsburgh. los gatos, a little bit cooler. for tomorrow, we will have some of these high clouds to start. otherwise, sunny. temperatures climbing a few degrees but still some gusting winds. possibly getting 20-30 m.p.h. as we go for the week lots of sunshine and a warming trend. 60s. and there is no rain in sight and even for
8:49 pm
next weekend. dry weather for the next week with temperatures thursday, friday, temperatures in the 60s. even in some areas in the low 70's. the satellite, showing clear conditions and those high clouds. that rain is still to the north near eureka. i think that most of the showers will stay offshore. there could be some light sprinkles in the north bay, early. otherwise, just some clear skies with even possible snow showers for the sierras. otherwise, mostly cloudy and a sunshine tuesday, wednesday with warmer temperatures. climbing into the low mid 40's. temperatures will be cool in the north bay, 30's. fairfield, mid-30s for the east bay valleys. and lote mid-40s near the bay. highs
8:50 pm
for the afternoon, with mostly sunny skies. and mountain view, santa clara, the allman and valley, all but 60 degrees. 60s for milpitas, and do the bay upper 50s. castro valley, and also mid-50s with 60s in fairfield, antioch. a pretty nice day. nearly 60 degrees in the north bay valleys. your kron 4 7 day around the bay and as i was mentioning earlier, most places but not all will have one half less of an inch of rainfall for the month of january. february will start in a couple of days and look for warmer temperatures.
8:51 pm
>> it's happened before now it's happening again. that's right d-v-d's may be on the way out just like vinyl records. 8-tracks. and cassettes before them. for more on the story we go now to dan simon. >> from vhs tapes to dvd's, blockbuster defined a generation of technology and home entertainment. drop by one of its remaining stores--- and you cas like lester yee. sometimes i'll keep it for a few days or bring to a friends house and watch it. >> reporter: but the last several years have not been pretty for anything that represents physical media. from cd's to dvd's to games to books--- digital distribution has steadily eroded physical sales. causing some traditional brick and mortar chains to go under. borders books---- gone tower records--- gone. blockbuster video- a shadow of what it it used to be. >> in terms of consumption volumes-we've already hit the stage where more
8:52 pm
consumers are watching more movies digitally than they are physically. that actually happened in 2012. >> reporter: netflix amazon. itunes hulu youtube and on demand video have re-defined our viewing experiences. plus computers from apple and others are ditching the dvd drive altogether. so--- are we witnessing the last breath of physical media? maybe, but analysts, like dan cryan say it could take years to actually happen. noting that film studios still earn more revenue from hard copies. >> the overall trend if you will is the money is following the consumption relatively slowly because there is a higher value, higher transaction than when you watch something on netflix. >> reporter: and redbox, the kiosk dvd business is continuing to have success. but this statistic should give them pause. in 2012, digital streaming was expected to go up 135- percent and keep climbing. today's youth--- may not immediately recognize this
8:53 pm
the cassette. and those born today--- probably won't know what a dvd is. but for some there will always be something of a nostalgia factor. whether it's a preference for old fashioned vinyl records or actual books as opposed to ereaders. but this local bookstore chain in san francisco is bucking the trend and the ceo even says they're thriving. >> everybody can get the books, but the staffs that we have and the readers that we have that are working with the public that's the factor we have. >> reporter: nonetheless, it's been 2 years since amazon announced that kindlebooks began outselling physical copies. "while blockbuster has gotten into the streaming business. but what are the lessons of its struggling retail operation? it means nothing lasts forever, just ask kodak and polaroid. two iconic brands of yesteryear surpassed by better technologies." dan simon, kron 4.
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>> the weekend box office numbers are in. coming up we'll reveal which film took the top spot. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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u-verse high speed internet.
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van dyke was presented with a lifetime achievement award. earning nearly 20-million dollars this weekend's box office number are in. "hansel & gretel -- witch hunters" took the top spot. earning 19 million dollars during its opening weekend. the supernatural horror film. mama. starring jessica chastain landed in second place with nearly 13-million dollars. and academy awards contender. silver linings playbook. featuring bradley cooper and jennifer lawrence came in third place.earning 10-million dollars this weekend. >> in sports news. tiger woods will have a chance to win the p-g-a's farmers insurance open when it resumes play tomorrow. today when play was suspended because of darkness. woods had a six shot lead through seven holes of the final round. at the end of three rounds he was in front by four. defending champion brandt snedeker and nick watney enter the final day tied for second at minus-eleven. woods has won the event seven times before including >> the sharks playing for the second time in as many nights hosted the vancouver cannucks today with a chance to push their record to five-and-o.
8:58 pm
patrick marlowe each provided a goal sharks are amazing, and they continued their six came stretch. and on tuesday, they are on fire! >> yes, the twitter feed is on the hook what happened to your arm? >> the weather was so nice i want bicycling. and i had a little accident. >> it looks like an oven glove.. >> we will see you at 11:00 p.m.
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TOPIC FREQUENCY Kron 13, Oakland 7, New Orleans 6, San Francisco 5, California 5, Marin 4, New York 3, Israel 2, San Jose 2, Fairfield 2, Mexico 2, Jerusalem 2, Cristina Mutchler 2, Mike Pelton 2, Jim Harbaugh 2, Jennifer Lawrence 2, Dan Simon 2, Arizona 2, Harbaugh 2, Clinton 2
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